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For High Voltage Fashion Sizes 8-32

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Dress available size 8-28
50s & Pin Up Sizes 8-30

Gorgeous Jamie Bahr, 50s Pin Up model & singer of US Rockabilly Band Danger*Cakes models our best selling 50s Jive Dress, click here to see more 50s & Pin up! View Range

Outfit available sizes 8-28
Gothic & Victorian Sizes 8-30

Alternative model Coco Fierce models items from our Gothic and Victorian collection, click here to see everything Gothicly dark..... View Range

Every finishing touch
Accessorise! Feathers to Fascinators

A huge range of accessories from Gothic hats, jewellery, gloves & fascinators to seamed stockings, cute 50s cherries, & polkadots, click here to see it all View Range

Dress available sizes 10-30
Rockabilly Polka & Petticoats

Coco Fierce is modelling our wicked Sailor Dress for a peachy Rockabilly nautical vibe. Wear with one of our petticoats for full throttle! View Range

Jester Hoody - Team Harley Quinn

Choose your allegiance with one of our fabulous Hoodies. View Range

Latest From the Blog

Hopeless Romantic or Dark Angel?
Posted on Tuesday May 24, 2016

Pick your poison....

Whichever you chose, these Gothic Make-up ideas are a great way to vamp up any of your outfits.


Its time for Whitby!!!!!
Posted on Monday April 18, 2016

So this weekend it’s the Annual April Whitby Goth weekend and us here at DFX are CRAZY EXCITED!!!!

For those who don’t have a clue what this weekend is about, Whitby is a twice yearly Gothic music festival held in North Yorkshire. Founded in 1994 by Jo Hampshire, it is now one of the biggest festivals in the world for Goths and brings 1000's of visitors to the town year after year. Although, the name suggests it is just for Goths, this isn’t the case, many Punks, Steampunks, Bikers, Metallers and Emos also attend.


Batman v. Superman - Who will you choose
Posted on Monday March 21, 2016

So, who is excited for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice? Meeeeee!! I am! SOOO EXCITED!!!! I will be there waiting to take my seat... ready to watch the muscle... the dreamy eyes... the tight outfits... Sorry side tracking, I mean, of course I will be there for no other reason than this is one hell of a battle.

This movie is the first of 10 new movies based on the DC Comics back catalogue and one we are crazy looking forward to. I mean, we all love a super hero, wanting to be saved whilst on top of a burning building. Or rescued whilst hanging from the Brooklyn Bridge... Anyone? No? Just me then.


Posted on Thursday March 03, 2016

Confidence is something that not all of us have, and it is this time of the year where some of us start losing the little bit that we do actually have. Why? Because it’s almost summer time. Which means short skirts, dresses, strappy tops and the dreaded bikini.

As a child I was loud, confident, brash and full of energy. I was always singing, dancing and performing to anybody who would listen. This, I hoped, would pave the way to me becoming a super confident adult. Oh how I was wrong!


DFX Does Rockabilly
Posted on Thursday February 25, 2016

Such a distinctive style, Rockabilly, which is a mix of Rock and Roll and Hill-billy, gives you a feisty fun look.

Alternative Fashion has many different branches, Rockabilly being just one. Although a small branch on the Alternative tree it can have a huge impact on the way you look and feel.